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Organized Art Space!

I have been working so hard these past few days going through all my art and craft supplies and setting up a new, organized art space. I wanted to have everything easily accessible because nothing kills inspiration more than having to dig for supplies. The top drawer of the green file cabinet underneath holds all my cool tools like a power sander, solder iron, wood burner kit, hot glue gun, hot air gun etc. and the  bottom drawer is packed full of all my wood slices.

This desk was a craiglist find and absolutely perfect for my space and needs. The cabinet on the left houses my sewing machine and the drawers on the right are full of office supplies and decorative and inspirational papers. The shelving across the top is an upcycled/ repurposed waterbed headboard that I found laying on the side of the road. It holds my boxes of beads and jewelry making items, drawing pads ornament papers and art pencils.

My paints down below are organized by a wooden dish drainer that was an awesome yard sale find. It holds nearly 100 bottles of paint! It sits on top of a Rubbermaid drawer full of sealants, various types of glues and resin kits. 

I am just tickled to pieces about my new space! 
The Rileyman inherited my old desk and he now has a new space of his own. He has already been working diligently on Halloween crafts. Check back for the next post to see Riley's new art space!

~Amber D. McNabb

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