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Halloween Crafts and Rileyman's New Art Space

In my previous post, I showed off my new desk and organized art space. It is the perfect space with everything I need right in reach. No more digging for supplies or clearing a space to work in. The best part about my new space is that Rileyman has inherited my old desk and he now has HIS very own art space! 

I took apart his easel and propped it up behind his desk. He loves having the chalk board and dry erase board side by side in his space. 

I picked up this caddy at the Dollar Tree and it holds everything he needs such as color pencils, crayons, markers, chalk and glue. All of his scissors, staplers and tape are in the top drawer of his desk and in the side drawers are notebooks, drawing pads, construction papers and those necessities like pipe cleaners, pom poms and googlie eyes. He has been making lots of bats to hang around the house for Halloween. SO cute. I love them!

Above his desk I hung string so that he can display his artwork. We found some mini clothes pins in the office supply section of WalMart to hang them with.

As always, the Rileyman has lots of project ideas in mind but we dug out some of last year's projects for inspiration. This Halloween wand is made from an empty ribbon spool and hot glued to a wooden dowel. 

Glued to the outsides are Halloween scrap book papers that are embellished with stickers. We glued some black ribbon around empty spool and tied on some purple string to finish it off.

Below are Riley's pumpkin mason jars. We cut masking tape in the shape of pumpkin faces and stuck them to the outside. He painted the insides with yellow paint, the outsides with orange paint, then pealed off the tape taaadaaa! 
Mason jar pumpkins! 

This next project is made with Cracker Barrell syrup bottles. I have always been fascinated with these little bottles and they were perfect for this project. We searched online for some printable potion labels, cut them out and glued them on and filled the insides of the bottles with decorative colored sugars and candies.

The Swamp Fog bottle actually fogged up when we put the candies in! I think it was because the inside of the bottle was still a little wet from its prior washing but........we really don't know for sure. Spooooooooooooky!

~Amber D. McNabb
(and the Rileyman)


  1. Love his art space...wish mine was that organized, haha! And, thank you, thank you for an idea for those little bottles! I just love them but never knew what to make with them...these are too cool!

  2. I'm sure it wont stay this organized for long but for now, it's awesome. And Cracker Barrel syrup bottles are a secret hoarding type addiction for me.

  3. Beautiful! What an inspiring space for a little artist!! :-)

    1. Thank you! He has used his art space every day since I set it up for him.