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Watch Out! I'm Burnin' Stuff Up!

In a recent facebook post, I stated that I often have my cart packed and ready before my horse even knows what's going on. For example, I have recently planned out a whole wood burning project with all my wood disks, but I do not own a wood burner. Today I discovered that my horse was actually way ahead the cart! Last Christmas, I really wanted a soldering kit and my sweet hubby bought one for me.

 I have yet to use it until today when I found that it can be used for wood burning or "pyrography" if you like to use terms with more awesomeness. And I do. I tried my hand at pyrography today and monogrammed and customized this wood slice with our family names. 

Not bad for my first go 'round if I do say so myself.  And it looks like, for the first time, my cart and horse are in the proper order...........nevermind the distance between them.  

                        ~Amber D. McNabb

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