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New ART! And Tips on How to Sell Art at Craft Shows,Gift Shops and Galleries

I have recently been adding wood slices to my art canvases. These slices of cedar have the most beautiful deep burgundy markings and patterns inside them and they are a work of art all on their own.

I coated each piece of wood with a glass like finish  to make their natural beauty shine.

I read in The Crafts Report magazine recently that when you are making art pieces to take to shows, gift shops and galleries, you should consider creating several small pieces that can be sold separately or all together as one stunning show piece. 

This makes it easier for you as an artist pack for shows, display, and ship through the mail. It also gives the customer a chance to buy one piece or several depending on their budget which is very important to consider, especially in today's economy. 

I created these pieces that look great on their own or all together. 

One of the things I love about my new art is that each piece is edged with the Fruit of the Spirit. 

I am having a great time combing through magazines and such to gather ideas for color combinations. Better Homes & Gardens Magazine always has the most wonderful tips and ideas for seasonal colors!

~Amber D. McNabb

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