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Make Your Own Hang Tags Tutorial

I am sending a few things off to be sold at Fabulous Me Boutique and Gifts in the Cumberland Gap, TN and I have a few craft shows coming. up. My items were in need of hang tags. Keeping with my vow to use what I have on hand to keep costs down, I found a whole package of Avery printable return address labels that I had bought at least a year ago and never used. I went online to Avery.com and created some labels with my store logo and information and printed them off. It was really easy. 

I wanted my labels to have some pretty backing so I stuck them on a sheet of decorative scrapbook paper. 

 Then I cut each label out with scissors. Now I am sure there is probably a much easier and faster process for this but I do not own any fancy machines like Cricut and such and this is about as "new school" as I get. It actually went fairly quickly because the labels guided my scissors along for easy trimming. And VoilĂ ! I have some pretty hang tags with all my information in them. 

I even made some winter themed ones for my Christmas Ornaments.

I found some invisible thread in my sewing box so I strung the labels on the thread like so with a sewing needle.

And here you have it! A hand made hang tag!

It really was extremely easy, quick, and cost effective. 
Now I am off to make some business cards!

~Amber D. McNabb


  1. Fabulous! I love them!

  2. Thank you! If this help someone make their own hang tags that would be fabulous!

  3. Where did your beautiful mind come from? You are my sunshine!!!

  4. Great idea. I was in need of homemade business cards and I followed this idea of yours and it came out great. Check them out on my site http://34creations.com/?p=92