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My Body Guard Can't Keep Up

I have a personal body guard in charge of security while I'm here working at home. She will all but come through the front glass door  should you knock on it and I can't believe she hasn't busted through it yet. She loves me and wants to keep me safe. I got in trouble today because she could not keep up with me as I was going in and out the back door working on my crafts. 

"Uh HELLO......let me out please?"

"Eh-hem HOW am I supposed to protect you if I am out here and you are in there?"

~Amber D. McNabb


  1. Hahaha...this cracks me up so much! What a beautiful furry baby! We have a German Sheppard that protects me to no end...she has scared quite a few mailmen :)

  2. Oh how I love Lola Roo