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Let's have a GIVEAWAY!

There are a few changes happening here at Color Of Dawn Creations as I begin to focus on making creations that use my most favorite of supplies~ things found in nature.  Wood and gemstones are the focus going forward. Wood cut right here in Tennessee and made into ornaments, jewelry and home decor. Natural gemstones and pearls are another passion of mine and you will find them paired up with wood jewelry and by themselves.

Halloween and Christmas ornaments are currently filling up my workspace. 

In order to celebrate new beginnings I will be giving away this lovely new necklace on pine from the new Color Of Dawn Creations "Birds Collection". It hangs from a unique silver owl bail.

I believe in keeping things simple. If you would like to enter this giveaway all you will need to do is comment below or make a comment on the Giveaway Post(s) on the Color Of Dawn Creations FACEBOOK page. You have until 8am Central Monday morning (Sept 5) to enter when a cute little boy with blond curls (aka The Rileyman) will pull a lucky winner from a hat. See? Simple.  Or as the Rileyman would say,
"Easy breezy lemon squeezy".

Good luck!

And the Winner is ERIN REA!  Congratulations ERIN!


  1. Owls are my most favorite. This is a lovely piece, front and back! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Winn sent me. She's awesome...and...pushy...but mostly awesome. I hope I win yay!

  2. Yes Win is awesome and demanding and awesome......and germ free. Thank you Kim and good luck!