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For The Love of All God's Children

I would like to introduce you to two wonderful people, my cousins, Josh and Melissa Essman. They write, "We have been given the opportunity to be a part of the amazing work that our Lord is doing in Romania. God has called us to Bucharest,Romania to serve as full-time missionaries to the orphans and abandoned children. We will be serving in the abandoned baby ward of a large children's hospital in Bucharest. It is crucial for infants and toddlers to receive physical touch from a loving adult. Providing this touch and encouraging the development of fine and gross motor skills will be one of our goals when working with these children. We will also focus on older children and teens growing up in the state orphanage system. By being a positive adult role model in their lives, we hope to impart valuable life lessons and point them towards their loving Savior." They have committed to serving with H2H International for a two year term and are currently raising the funds it takes to get them to Romania in addition to monthly parnerships.

Color Of Dawn Creations is now offering scented soy wax tart melts to help fund Josh and Melissa's journey. 25% of all sales wil be sent monthly to Heart to Heart International Ministries on their behalf. To see all available soy tart melts and make a purchase go to Color Of Dawn Creations on Etsy by clicking HERE.

You can also send a tax deductible gift on behalf of Josh and Melissa Essman by calling toll free:
Or send checks payable to H2H International to:
 Heart to Heart International Ministries 
P.O Box 1832
Ramona, CA 92065

~Amber D. McNabb


  1. Josh and Melissa are doing a wonderful thing by going to Romania and helping the children. Hope they are enormously successful and reap many blessings for doing this and for you, too in your efforts at supporting them and your other charitable works. What a great thing to do!

  2. Thank you New End. Our whole family is very proud of them. It is a huge sacrifice to be so far away from your home and family. They definitely have some very special hearts. Thank you so much for your kind words.