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Think my Arse Is Growing Moss

I think in my former life I was a bear. Or some other creature that hibernates in winter. I mean seriously, I ran myself ragged in the months of Oct. Nov. Dec. preparing for all thing winter and ate absolutely everything in sight as if putting it away around my belly and arse for emergency storage. In January I slowed down and now I am at a complete stand still. If I didn't have to go to the real job I just might sit still long enough to grow moss. Like a tree sloth. I'm tellin ya, Spring better get here quick or I am in trouble.
Mad-Boo has done her part to get me motivated to do at least a little something and involved me in a game of BLOG tag. The RULES of this Blog Tag Game are simple: Choose the sixth image out of your sixth picture folder from your computer and blog about it. Then tag six more people to do the same! But I am a rebel and a bit squeamish about the excessive 6's if ya know what I mean. I'm also one of those kids who used to change the rules to suit my personal needs. So I dusted off my files and chose this random pic. It was taken in the SPRING when all the lovely flowers were blooming at Look Out Mountain, Chattanooga, TN. On SPRING break. These are my precious children showing some brotherly love. In the SPRING. Did I mention that?

Ok now for the tagging part. I choose:


You're it! Whew. I'm gonna go lay back down now. I SO need a laptop.


  1. Awww, that picture is adorable!

    Soooo, I'm off to find my picture. :-)

  2. Yoiks! Off to the picture files :)

  3. so cool. um. i'll play. because i was tagged twice with this one.

    i'm waiting until 6 people tag me.

    i like you pic. it's quite sweet. unlike my 6th pic. which is of some lady wearing a whisker bow.