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Read this-DO IT NOW!

So much shit (yeah I cursed-sorry) has happened since my last post, it's been what like a month now? My friend's son was diagnosed with A.L.L. Leukemia on Jan 10 but thanks to the wonderful Docs at Vanderbilt he is in remission after his first round of treatments. This in no way means he is out of the woods, looooots more to do to get him healthy again. Bow your heads now and say a little prayer for him-DO IT NOW! My job interview went exceptionally well but it will be April before they can "bring me aboard" and in the meantime I am about to loose my current job after 14 years. Bow your heads again please-JUST DO IT! I've finished a portrait, mailed a portrait, made a friend and then lost a friend (I think) but hope she is ok (PRAYER PEOPLE PRAYER). I've yet to list my new necklaces partially because the light box I am building for shop photos is not done and partially because when I was browsing Etsy I found someone else who makes the EXACT same thing materials and all. HOW does that happen? So, having lost my groove, I've neglected my posts and opted to snoop around and keep up with my current fav blogs such as Lulu, W-Winn, MomO, YoMama and the Lan-lady (see list on left) and now I want some chocolate tea, might use a meat tube to defend myself, need to run to Hallmark for a Shoebox greeting hoping to high five someone in a rooster shirt while I'm out and think I need a happy bell.
Ok post all "get your arse in gear" comments below (DO IT NOW!)
PS. Welcome Ramblin Mama


  1. you're so bossy. i like it.

    i hope your friend's son will be ok.

    and i hope you didn't lose a friend.

    and i hope you always snoop around me. snoop. not poop.

  2. good to see you and I DID IT ALL NOW! Ok, as soon as I could.

  3. Will do....
    List the necklaces anyways girl....I know exactly how you feel..there is someone out there doing EXACTLY the same as me...ah well.
    Glad to hear about the interview...but what's up with with the other?
    Message me! :)
    love ya girl!

  4. Sorry Dawn, but I have tagged you (he-he).
    It is a fun one though!

    Mad-boo x

  5. Dawn,I posted late last night , and literally posted on the blogs I selected for the tag!
    Please don,t think of me as insensitive to everything happening in your life at the moment. I did not read your last blog post which was really stupid - but I was on my p.c. half asleep. My thoughts and prayers to your friends son.
    Mad-boo x

  6. How did I miss this post?? I'm late, but I'm sending prayers your way. In the meantime, freeze up your meat tube and be ready....you never know when you'll need to use it.