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Furry Black Creature Invading My Home

I have a new creature in my house.
Look at it.
It's the black furry one with the irresistible eyes and the softest ears and the cutest muzzle that gives the sweetest, gentlest of kisses.

It keeps my feet warm while I am sleeping and plays joyfully and lovingly with my boys.
It makes me smile.
 It is a girl.
 Her name is Lola-Roo.
And I love her.
********dear husband,the fact that I said I love her in no way relieves you of taking her outside at the crack-a-dawn, cleaning her messes, fixing the fences or teaching her to walk on a leash without removing my arms from their sockets.


  1. "Lola-Roo" is an awesome name. I totally should have named my daughter that.

  2. i'm glad you elaborated on the new creature.

    and i read the dear husband letter too fast. i thought it said something about cracking dawn. so i re-read it slowly. whew.

  3. Cute creature and beautiful family!