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Happiness, Hope, OTT & a Stripper Pole

Its been a wonderful weekend beginning Friday with my near perfect job interview. I have been told I will be presented with a very irresistible job offer in the next few days that I would have to be insane to not accept. Hallelujah! Saturday morn we went to the tax office and filed and found we would be getting a very sizable return without having to itemize. It was a good day with family the rest of the day and today has been restful and a bit productive in the crafting department. As a matter of fact I just brushed the last coat of mod podge over the photos and then they will be ready for their resin coating. Resin takes 24-72 hours to completely cure. I will then attach the pendant bail and make the necklace with sparkly sheer ribbons and silver clasps. They are going to just be so pretty!

And more good news....I have been tagged! Yes me, "Sensual Amber", shown some bloggin love by my friend "Lulu Easy Button". If you would go on ever to her blog you would understand all this and how our stripper names came to be. I'm thinkin OTT would go nicely with a stripper pole.


  1. THIS is why you are so wicked cool! Ott will definitely need to try out the stripper pole!

  2. congratulations on the job offer. sounds like things are going your way.

  3. I know I'm late, but congrats on the possible new job!

  4. Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

    - Robson