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To all the Mommies

I picked the youngin up after work today and heard those horrible words, "he didn't take his nap today". Instant panic. This normally means I am in for one hell of an emotional ride for the rest of the evening till the little guy's bedtime. On the other hand if I race home, get supper cooked and get him in the tub way early, it means early bedtime which means free time for Mommy. Woohoo yeah! But no, I loafed around, didn't start supper immediately and about 6:15ish when I was half way through cooking I found the little guy out cold on his bed. Instant panic yet again. Do I wake him? He needs to eat supper. If I don't wake him he will be hungry and possibly wake up at 3 in the morning ready to start his day. If I do wake him up he will be SO MAD. If I let him sleep just a bit will he EVER go back to sleep? I tried to wake him. No go. He didn't budge. So he got a bit of a nap in, I fed him some supper and here we are almost 11 and he's laying in there awake. And I KNOW if I go start a crafty project, I'll juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust get into it and hear "Moooommy! I need a dinkawatta" or "Mooooommy covah me up pwease" or "Moooommy I gotta pee potty" (again) Sigh. BUT I knew *I* was in for this when *WE* planned to bring the little guy into this world. I type it that way because the Daddy is in the bed snoring away. Has been for at least an hour or more now. AAaaaaaah but I SO love my little guy with his fuzzy little yeddow curls. Crafting can wait. And the good thing is, while I am waiting for him to go to sleep, I just found this adorable little vintage bubble ring by Momomatic and bought it. I can't wait till it gets here!


  1. Mmm. I may have to encourage this no napping habit!

    I treasure the 2 hours my daughter sleeps every day. It's timed perfectly to when son is in kindergarten. And it's become my crafting/photography/listing hours.

  2. Your little guy is soooo cute - how could he ever be cranky?! :)

  3. So cute, I love reading kid stories. Its real easy to do when you don't have kids:):)