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Mounted Cow...we didn't eat him

Last Saturday the hubby and I went out on a date with the dinner & movie gift cards we got for Christmas. So here we sit at Long Horn's watching the football game on tv while waiting for our meal. It was taking a particularly long time for our meal to come which resulted in interesting conversation.

Hubby: Why would you mount a cow?

Me: Well this IS Long Horn's so........

Hubby: Yeah I guess........he just has this look on his face like I cannot believe I ended up here.

Me: He does have that look of Damn it to Hell doesn't he?

Hubby: It's so wrong- him up there watching everyone eat steak.

Me: Yeah that shyit ain't right.

By this time our food arrives. So hubby looks up apologetically and says "Man I ordered the Rocky Top Chicken" And I too pay my respects and chime in "I got shrimp!"

PS: After much loafing....er ...resting........my store is back open! Woohoo! Not much in it yet but open nonetheless.

1 comment:

  1. hahahaha. confession of chicken and shrimp by guilt.

    i would've had the steak. and i would've looked that cow straight in the horns and said... "dude, your head is up there, but your body is smokin' on my plate"