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Cheeseburger Stimulus......

The teenager, who has recently found himself broke after doing his part to stimulate the economy one cheeseburger at a time, decided he would just hang out with the family tonight and suggested we go bowling. So we did. It was the little one's first time bowling and, what a treat, it was cosmic bowling night with glowy black lights and neon and disco balls galore. It has been probably 10 years since I have stepped into a bowling alley so it was a treat for me too. And what a different atmosphere now that there is no smoking. I could actually see more than two feet in front of me clearly without fog! Seems here in the south a great deal of babies are born with cigarette in hand. (And sweet tea in their bottles) So a lot has changed in ten years. Most noticeably, my age. When I got home I went straight to the bathroom to wash my hands of possible cooties that I may have picked up from the public bowling balls. No telling what is in those finger holes! This was never a concern to my younger self. I also feel pain in my hands, back, kneck, shoulder, elbow and knees and I'm scared to know what else will hurt in the morning. I was taking a good look at myself in the mirror wondering where the time has gone and greatly concerned about grey hair waging a rebellion against Ms Clairol. Do you think they were glowing in the black lights? GASP!!! Surely not............................... Right?


  1. Wow I never thought about what might lurk in those finger holes either! And then dipping your fingers into your beer nuts and bringing them to your mouth. Gasp!