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I'm the Santa Paparazzi!!

Upon watching a Pooh Bear Christmas story and discovering one can set out to find the North Pole, seemingly close to home, we loaded up the family and started driving. And guess what, we found it!!!! I got out my new camera and turned into the Santa Paparazzi and snapped this photo of Santa in his living room. Mrs Santa was on the other side of the fireplace. I wish I had gotten a picture of her too. Santa obviously knew I was there though. (He knows EVERYTHING)

I also snapped a photo of Santa's front lawn. I just love how he "gets it" don't you?

More cool things going on around casa de Color Of Dawn Creations:

I won these wonderful gifts from blog giveaways! From the EtsyMom blog I won these absolutely adorable handmade snowman cards from the CinnamonSpice store on Etsy.
And from Lola's blog, MomOMatic, I won this beautiful tin made by LuluSandbar of Etsy filled with Food goodies, Bath and Bodyworks products, and $25 gift cards from Target, Best Buy and Barnes and Noble!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND this And this beautiful 2009 photography calendar By Greeblemonkey of Etsy.
I cannot tell you how completely excited I am about this! There just aren't words. Thank you my creative friends you are SO appreciated!

Now I must leave to continue turning this photo into a pet portrait (Isn't he just precious!) Come back and see!


  1. We are thinking along the same lines; turning dog photos into portraits. I'll be doing a series on Carmella as soon as I get some Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper.

  2. such lovely photos! Merry xmas to you!

  3. I hope there are no bears tiptoeing around. The photo is very precious and yes, you deserve the merits and wonderful gifts. So precious, I can't wait to see what it will look like.

  4. oh you were very spoiled! congratulations on such lovely prizes!

  5. Happy Birthday Jesus indeed! Glad you liked your wins! Lulu and Amy were so generous!