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Catching Santa in the act!

If you absolutely just gotta catch Santa in the act on Christmas Eve, build a Santa trap. Place a large cardboard box upside down and prop it up on one side. Put Santa's cookies and milk inside the box. When Santa goes in for the cookies-WHAM! the box closes and you have Santa! If it works, you will be sure to hear Santa struggling to get out. You should immediately jump out of bed to free him, give him hugs, and have a short visit, see the reindeer and such. But be sure to let him go to finish his job! I have yet to hear if anyone has been successful with this (or been put on the naughty list). My friend has tried it numerous times and has only woken once to find she captured Santa's hat. (I hope he has spares-its awfully cold out there!) Something else you can do is go over to Hannah's new shop called Dream513 and purchase this Children's Christmas Eve Kit. It has everything you need to be prepared! How adorable.

In other news, although this photo is a bit blurry, here is my finished portrait from the post below:
Stay tuned for my next post which will include the pet portrait I have begun and info about the blog giveaways I have recently won! <-----you have no idea how excited I am!


  1. i tried to catch santa. i heard him struggling. by the time i got down the stairs, he'd escaped.

    unfortunately, his belt caught on the box corner... thereby leaving his pants at the foot of the fireplace hearth.

  2. I am just as excited and this is a fantastic idea to thrill any kid. I just hope they will not be upset when they find out who will be in the box :)

  3. If you ever want to swap for a portrait just let me know. I have a friend who loves her dog, but he's getting older. I would like to tuck away a portrait of him to be able to give to her when he passes on. Is that morbid?