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The Elves have struck again!

You're never gonna guess what happened to me....so I will tell you. I have not had time to decorate for Christmas this year. I put the pre-lit tree up and got out all our boxes of decorations. My sons decorated the tree and played a bit with some decorations but as far as getting all the pretty displays up around the house? Nuh-uh. But while We were all gone to work and school (one in high school and one in "Gramma" school) an elf came and beautifully arranged all my Holiday cheer around the house and even put the boxes back in the shed! Now, I may have prayed/arranged for this to happen (I have North Pole connections) but what I do know for certain is that I did not do it. I keep having to telling my oldest this who is stumped as to how this happened. I will take more pictures like the one above and add them to my next post. But I must now get back to my portrait in progress while I sing a song......Oh it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!!.....my house-not the portrait. Here's the portrait.


  1. I love elves! Wish one would come to my house :). Love the dog portrait, too. Merry Christmas from LANYARDLADY!

  2. Elves never come to my house, I'm so jealous. And each year when I put up all that stuff, all I can think about is how I'll have to take it down and put it all away in another month. Bah!

    That's about when my husband breaks out the sparkling wine. Suddenly I'm filled with Christmas spirit and also drunkenness.

    P.S. Love the portrait!

  3. maybe it was a reverse robbery.

  4. You lucky girl, I hope an elf will do the same for me someday.

    Like I mentioned on Suzannes blog, hope I will not have to apologise for being away from your blog this long. My explanation is very simple. Don't want you getting sick of me.

    Hope you've had the time to decorate. I really do love this portrait and I'm now looking forward to your next pictures/post.

    God bless

  5. What do I do to entice elves?please tell me:)
    Perhaps some could come round after the festivities and put away my decorations, I always end up throwing them in the box.

    Just dropped by to wish you a very Happy Christmas and New year

    mad boo x

    maybe they will pop back and cook the christmas lunch? :)

  6. I wish I had an elf! :-) How did you manage to have this arranged? And straight from the North Pole no less. LOL. Great blog!