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Finished portrait and holiday photos of my house decor

Well I believe exhaustion has about set in. It's a deliriously happy holiday type exhaustion though. But anyhoo, I will keep this post short in words and long on promised photos. Here are a few pictures taken around my house followed by the finished Pet Portrait of Rowdy at the end. Enjoy!


  1. Cute decorations ;) I like the pet portrait too.

  2. Such lovely decorations around your house! Love that pet portrait too. Happy holidays!

  3. O' Winter, Dawn is bringing beauty into the light of the day. It's lovely

  4. merry christmas, my blogging friend. merry christmas.

    there is no witt in this comment. only sentiment. which kinda makes me not able to breathe. so...

    (insert joke here to break up the heaviness of sentiment).

  5. How fun! I have that frog, too. The big one all the way on the right. He sits in my kitchen next to an girly angel frog. How funny to see him!!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. You have some really cute Christmas decorations.