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Snowman poop, portraits, and an Etsy Anniversary

In my previous post I wrote about elves making early visits to my house leaving little gifts and trinkets for my son. Well not so many years ago he was in a bit of trouble during the holiday season and grounded. But the elves still made their visit bringing the appropriate gift. A baggie of what "looked" to be mini marshmallows and chocolate covered raisins. But, since it was never eaten, we will never know because the note said it was snowman and reindeer poop telling my son he better get his act together before the "big day" or there was more where that came from. Aaaah good times. Good times.

Its done!!!

I also finished this pencil portrait today

And currently working on this one
So as you can see, things are quite busy for me at the casa de Color Of Dawn Creations. So much that Saturday I closed my Etsy shop until the first of the year. Ironically one year to the day I opened it up. Hmmm....oh and Happy Anniversary to me. Yay!

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