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Chicken Noodle Poop...for the soul

The toddler is definitely displaying all boyishness with his love for the vulgar. His favorite words for getting attention are currently poop, fart, pee, bugger-as in "I love you Mommy bugger". I asked him today what he wanted for lunch and he responded with "chicken noodle poop!" I know I shouldn't support his love of the word but this was actually quite clever. I was impressed. So after a good giggle I said "chicken noodle poop coming right up!" We headed to the kitchen and as I prepared the noodle "poop" the little fella sweetly serenaded me with "woodolf da wed nose poop dee-ah, had a vewy shiney fawrt"..........

What else is going on at my house? I have several portrait orders in that need to be done by Christmas. If you want/need pet or children's portraits done by Christmas you need to act fast. I can only take on two more orders and they must be placed by December 10th. Here is a sampling of my current portrait in progress:


  1. The portrait is beautiful! That is so funny and cute with your son. Enjoy it while it lasts. My son is a teenager now so I won't mention the vulguar (NOT cute) things that come out of his mouth!

  2. What a great portrait! Its beautiful! Ahh my son was talking like that a few months back. And still does here and there. But his new phase...is not letting his father or I play with him. "I just need some along time here guys" is what he says. Ohh these crazy toddlers of ours!

  3. what a lovely portrait! my son is almost 4 and slaughtering carols with gusto too! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. That's a hilarious story.

    What a wonderful portrait.

  5. Chicken Noodle Poop...I'm totally making that for dinner tonight.