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Sofa acrobatics.......

It's been a long crap day at the "real" job today which left no time for crafting or doing anything exciting enough to blog about so I have decided to post a glimpse of our lives with a toddler who continues to crack us up on a daily basis. I really should write this stuff down every day. I could write a book. Or ten.

Toddler, thinking no one is looking, defiantly jumps off arm of sofa once again:

DAD: "Did you just jump off that sofa?!"

TODDLER: "No. I was uh .... fwy-ing. See my feadahs?"

DAD: "Are you supposed to do that?"

TODDLER: "Wew..um... yes. Cause dats what biwrds do!"


  1. funny.

    fwy-ing with feadahs. as opposed to stir fwy-ing.

  2. This is great I live for these everyday...
    SHerry :)