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He's full of crap and I have a whisker..........

A customer comes in today and asks me, "Have you been on some kind of medication?" I'm thinking crap, what do I look like? Is there a scowl on my face? Have I offended him in some way? So I brace myself and say "Well no. Why?" and he says "Because you just get more and more beautiful lately every time I come in here". Alright, I know he's full of crap, he's a regular customer, and regularly full of crap, but always good for a laugh. But this particular "line" he gave me today couldn't have come at a more perfect time because this week I have reeeeaaally been taking a close look at myself in the mirror. Literally. And let me tell you what I have found, thinning skin, the beginnings of wrinkles around my mouth and eyes, old lady neck and a whisker. A whisker I tell you! A WHISKER! What the crap? When did this happen? I recently tried my hand at face painting. I think I might just quit the real job so I can go around with my face painted and cover up all this crap that mother nature is so unfairly and unjustly throwing at me. I'm not ready!


  1. You've got a great sense of humor! I needed a good laugh today. Yes, I've got those whiskers too here and there.

  2. Oh no not a whisker! Life can be so cruel!

    ...checking for whiskers now ... ;)

  3. dude. a whisker?

    play it up! take a q-tip and curl the thing like there's no tomorrow.

    then walk around with your pinky next to your mouth like dr. eeeeevil.

    (i know. i say dude way too much. that's actually how i fool myself into thinking i'm in my 20s again.)

  4. LOL thats hillarious. I could even commision someone on etsy to make me a whisker hair bow. Alchemy!

  5. LOL -- wait until you hit your 40's -- lots of fun surprises in the mirror on a daily basis!

    I face paint too -- my kids and their friends all the time when they were little just for fun, then children's parties and various events, and I did lots of theatrical stuff for school plays, etc. -- but my favorite is the theatrical stuff I do for halloween (which became one of my busiest days of the year). Such fun! I've posted some kids with my face paintings earlier in my blog if you're interested in a quick glance.

    By the way, love your earlier post below. What a cutie! And yes, I think you should write this stuff down more often. Chuckles are good for the soul -- and the aging process.

  6. You are too funny - pluck that whisker right out!

  7. Very sweet comment that lady gave you. I think someone has been slippng the ugly pill into my drink. Where can I get a perscrition for yours?

  8. Yeah, I just turned 40 and I found one of those darn chin whiskers and I told my husband and son DO NOT LET ME SIT IN THE OLD FOLKS HOME WITH A WISHERS ~ COME PULL IT OUT!

  9. oh thats a good one sand..I better go tell the husband before the alzheimers hits!

  10. forget alchemy.

    i've taken care of it.


    right hand column.
    scroll down.
    keep going.
    a bit more.

    or should i say

  11. Omigawd Wendi I am laughing so hard I cannot breathe! THANK YOU!

  12. oh. you're quite welcome.

    if only i had a picture of a tiny curling iron.

    alas, i do not. so i refer back to my original suggestion.

    le q-tip.