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Partially full-ass.....

Another weekend gone. But it was a long one and it was a good one. I got a lot of resting done and had time for quite a bit of crafting. Nothing I can post in my Etsy store yet since everything is still only about half done. I seem to have this disorder where I begin a project only to come up with another brilliant idea that cannot wait and put one project down to start another. I think I might be the queen of unfinished projects. I recently heard something that not only cracked me up but described me to a "T" and personalised it would read, "I am Amber Dawn McNabb and I do not do things half-ass. I do things partially full-ass". LOL that's me.


  1. haha! I can be that way too!

  2. I feel like I have so very much to photograph for the shop. I can never catch up to it all!