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Magical country nights...........

I am certainly enjoying my three day weekend. It could not have come at a better time. I have felt like I am going to burst lately and really "do not have the time for the nervous breakdown that I darn well deserve" -cant remember which movie that's from. My husband and I decided that we were badly in need of a date. After much pondering I decided I wasnt up for the usual dinner and movie type date so I opted to grab a quick supper and drive out to the country and just spend some time together on the quiet family farm and hopefully catch the sunset. No one lives out at the farm any more. Granny and Daddy Mac have long passed. But the land is still in the family and thank goodness it is. We picked up supper in a bag and headed in the direction of the most vibrant orange/pink sunset. The further away from the city we got, the better I felt. Driving on old country roads only wide enough for one car/truck at a time with the smell of honeysuckle in the air and little frogs hop-hopping across as fast as their little legs can propel them. Once we got to the farm we "went parkin" in our pick-up truck in the middle of a field with tall trees and hills on every side and a view of an old barn. We had a picnic supper and just enjoyed being together under the stars with fireflies all around us. It was somewhat magical and made me feel young again. Not that we are old but 16 years of marriage, one teenager and a toddler has the tendancy to suck the "young and frisky" right out of you! Anyhoo....it was a lovely night and I have one more day to enjoy and it is starting to feel like time is finally slowing down for me.


  1. wow! that sounds like a great night! sometimes it is so nice to just "be" with your significant other!

  2. sounds like the making of a romantic holiday tradition!

  3. AWWW That is like the sweetest thing I love going out there on dates with Todd too,, Yes thank goodness for the family farm. You know I never picture Mike as that type but I am glad he is for you... love ya lots