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At Least I Have Clean Underwear.......

Here lately when I wake up in the mornings I have absolutely no clue what day it is, or what happened the day before. It takes a little bit for me to shake the fog and figure out what's in store for me when I "wake up". I love when I find it's a day that I don't have to work and I have the whole day to myself and family to do whatever I choose. But most of the time, like five to six days out of seven, waking up means a bit of disappointment. Today is one of those days. It's a work day, I still have a slooo of bills to pay so I HAVE to go to work, and I will prolly have to dig through the laundry basket for clean underwear. Again. You know, since the clean laundry never much makes it from the dryer to the dressers and closet. hmmmm at least it's clean right? But as I awoke this morning I thought "wouldn't it be SO lovely to wake from this fog and find I had won the lottery the day before?" !!!!! Funny thing about that lottery though. You have to play to win. hhmmmpph. Anyhoo, I spose I will go take my shower now, dig through the basket, put on some clean underwear and take my freshly warshed butt to work so I can pay those bills. And while I am there I will hope that if I can't win the lottery , maybe AT LEAST I can make an ETSY sale. Here's the newest listing:

Halloween Wreath Framed Wall Hanging


  1. Your framed wreath wall hanging is awesome!!!

  2. that is actually super pretty in a creepy crawling way :)

  3. VERY funny. Great shop too.

  4. This is great info to know.