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Surrounded by punkinheads............

I was browsing through the local thrift store quite a while back and I found several things that I immediately had a vision for. Quite simply put they were to be punkin heads...... on a box. I brought them home and began working on them. But seems every time I sit my tookas down to do something crafty, a different kind of punkin head, full of "yeddow" curls and a big goofy smile, gets "all up in my koolaid" (I thank Jan for that cool saying) and I can no longer work/play. Now, I can be sitting quietly in the living room staring at the television and doing really nothing and he will go off and play and let me be, but let me sit in front of the computer or sit down at my crafty spot and here he comes justa swimming all up in my koolaid doing the backstroke and bellyflop. BUT alas, I finally finished one punkinhead....on a box. Hope you likie.


  1. nice pumpkinheads!!
    I need a pumpkin

  2. Hi Dawn.

    Yup, lil' punkin heads will do that with uncanny regularity.

    And they never stop, you know! For the rest of your life, whenever the phone rings they'll be glued to your elbow.