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Feelin Good...Made a Sale...

Woohoo! I decided to put these pretty punkins together as one listing and made a sale! I'm feelin good right now so I'll post another funny toddler moment.

Me: Honey don't do that.

Toddler: (ignoring and continuing on)

Me: You're going to get hurt......

Toddler: (still "can't hear" me)

Me: First-Middle-Last (name) I said stop!

Toddler: (very frustrated look turns with a huff) Mommy don't say that! If you keep tewwing me no, I am going to have to stop!


  1. you go, girl! send one my way!

  2. Yay! Very cool sale, punkin! Or as my German colleagues say...pompkeen..:)

    Looks like you got your half full ass on target...or something like that - i'll have to go back and read your original post.

  3. congrats on the sale!

    and congrats on the smart kid!

  4. Hey Amber, in recognition of your outstanding blog and artistry I've given you a Brilliante Weblog Award on my blog! Congrats!