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Dear God, Make Me A Bird

Back to the "daily" grind at work today (eeeuuuhhhhg). But just as I began chanting my daily prayer "deeah Gawd, make me a bird, so I can fly fah, fah fah away from heeah" our glorious grandfather clock chimed his music in my ears and his lyrics were simple but sweet-LUNCH TIME!! Turning into that bird, I flew to my bird house in my sexy minivan and opened the fridge like I expected food to have magically appeared while I was at work. hmmmmm.....a leathery hot dog, no, scooby doo gogurt, nuh-uh, triple sec and rum (I pondered on this a bit) (and a bit more) eh better not, OH left over mac n cheese!, four days old, should be ok..........LUNCH! Did I mention I am on a low carb diet?....eh-heh. Anyhoo, just as I was daydreaming about yesterday and my jungle adventures I heard a little tap on the door. My Pekengese gave me the "I know these people at the door so I wont pretend I can tear them limb from limb"-bark. I gave her a pat of appreciation. At the door was my lil one. Today he had taken Gramma on one of his imaginary adventures.On a trycicle. But before I could start wallowing in jealousy he gave me that sweet smile and said "um yes mayum" (country boy) "would you like some ice cweam?" I could not resist so I stole a few extra minutes from work to sit on the front porch and eat imaginary ice cweam from the trunk of a tricycle that only cost me twenty fowty eight ten $$. Best deal around. Walmart could never match it.


  1. Your artwork is truly beautiful!

    You're the second person I've met recently that attended 13 schools as a child. All now in Tennessee - go figure! We must be kindred spirits.

  2. Hi Amber!

    My name is Amy and I am also making things for frills and tails. Your artwork is amazing! I love blogging too, it is addictive! You are a great writer, welcome to the blogging world!