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My cup runneth over....can I get a bigger cup?

Well it's the end of my first blogging day and boy has it been a busy one. I was pondering the thought this morning that probably I should not stress about how overloaded each day for me is. Because all the things that keep me running in so many directions that I often wish I had several clones, are things in life that define "my cup runneth over". Well my cup definitely runneth over......so much that I wish I could ask to super size it. (and can I have fries with that?) Today after and during several cups of coffee I have managed to clean a bit on the house, do laundry, read a magazine, clean the crabbie tank, start a blog, read several blogs, post on several blogs, create a custom portrait almost in its entirety, clean the pool, play kickball, croquet, teatherball, go on a jungle safari adventure feeding baby gorillas and saving turtles, catch bugs, play in the sprinkler, squish play-doh, visit Nana, make an ice cream run, laugh hysterically over silly yet slightly vulgar poems (boys) read stories and rock my lilest one (and almost myself) to sleep....................aaaaaah. Everyone in the house is now sound asleep except for me, as usual, clinging to my few moments of "me time". There are still several things I would have wanted to squeeze in today. Where is that clone? Tomorrow will be overflowing again, and yet even more since I have to drag myself kicking and screaming (on the inside) to work. And I am sure tomorrow, as I "sit" at work, I will be wishing I was back on my Jungle Safari.


  1. Wow! You have had quite the day. I wish I could say I did half of that.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! That is so funny about the purse. I do things like that too. :) We're girls so I think we can get away with it...and that money went to support another artist. It's dangerous to think like that though.

    Good luck with your holiday sales.

  2. Sounds like you filled an ocean!
    Good luck with your blog and I love your painted gourds!

  3. yes a bigger cup... or you will make a mess.

  4. Yay! Congratulations on diving into the blogoshpere and Thank You for your kind words. You're going to love it here! I'm off to check out your Etsy shop. Best of Luck!!

  5. Great job, Amber! I look forward to reading all about everything....you are an inspiration! Maybe one day I will succeed at just some of what you have done... Love you girly!

  6. Hey girlfriend love the blog, I am right there with ya on the cup runneth over bit just glad you are part of my cup! Lets keep up the adventures!!!!