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A time to every purpose...............

I have been spending a lot of time learning about and reading various blogs the past few days. Although very enjoyable reading, it makes me feel a bit like a snail in the world of technology moving slowly along at my own pace carefully absorbing information and ideas while everyone around me seems to be moving at the speed of light like their "shells" are rigged with endless nitro. I have always been the quiet observer joining in only when I am good and ready. Maybe this is why I have always liked the verses- "to everything turn...there is a season... and a time to every purpose under Heaven". I rarely get impatient because I know my time, for every purpose, will eventually come, under Heaven and in it too. And I must also share, that the entire time I have been writing this blog about "shells", my hermit crab crawled to the front of his aquarium and gave me audience and I could almost hear him saying "PREACH IT!"-- too funny. (its those little things)


  1. I find it so hard not to compare myself to other bloggers. While I see others create new banners frequently, it takes me hours to make even one and even then it isn't perfect. We just have to write with our hearts and know we are sharing a part of us rather than writing like someone else.

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