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Angels among us..............

I have been working so hard and getting unwanted overtime at my "real" job lately making me so run down and disgruntled that it has been difficult to come home and fully enjoy my family life and "extra curricular crafting". Two custom orders recently came in during my busiest (and most disgruntled) time and it actually had me pondering why I am taking custom orders in the first place. I've actually been analyzing what it is that makes me want to make Art! Compared to similar artists, I certainly don't charge enough to make money my motivation. I love art and I love to create. It's what makes me happy. And the joy I get from hearing customer's reactions to the finished portrait is just priceless. As I am drawing those sweet little faces and fixing them up to glittery "perfection" I do it with the utmost desire to bring a smile to someones face and it makes my heart warm knowing I am helping to create a lasting memory. And my last customer made me realise that it is also the interaction with a complete stranger, from anywhere in the world, that makes it all the more intriguing. I received a special gift in Susan Knickerbocker of Whidbey Island, WA when she recently ordered a custom portrait of little TY (pictured) and has been the most cherished of customers I have had so far. Aside from just being a gem of a person to talk to, I found she writes a monthly column for the South Whidbey Record called Hometwown Heroes which is a column I describe as almost "outing" God's special quiet little helpers he has placed all around us. She tells the story of the everyday heroes on South Whidbey Island in an effort to inspire the community to follow the path of the good-hearted. Many of her profiles have been compiled into a book, the first in a series called "Hometown Heroes. A Celebration of Community Spirit on South Whidbey Island". What amazes me is I too have had this dream to create a newschannel, newspaper or even just a column focusing only on the good things in life all around us that all too often go unnoticed or get burried under the seamingly more inportant reports of all the crime and hate. Ms. Susan, from a little Island in Washington has managed to find her way across many states and inspire me to give more serious thought to seeking out and reporting the angels among us in Tennessee-which so happens to fittingly be-The Volunteer State. Thank you Ms. Susan. It has been a pleasure. And you have touched my heart and given a jolt of life to the dreamer and adventurist in me. YOU are an angel.

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  1. You are an angel. You are a fantastic artist and I am so glad I came across your blog.

    On the subject of the grinch, I will give credits to you primarily for the inspiration.
    I still intend to use it but will link to the internet site where it can be found. Can you remember where you found it, please?

    Finally, I see you are not following my blog. Just wanted you to know that it does not matter if you do not wish to follow, Ill still continue to support yours.

    Hope to hear from you on the site address or what you typed to search for it.

    Thank you.
    Best wishes