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Romantical Dreaming In The Country

I went for a ride out to the McNabb farm with my honey this evening. We drove to the top of the hill at sunset. It was peaceful and romantical. 

Me: Honey this is where I want my future house to be. Right here on top of this hill.

Mikeywade: No. This is where all my deer stands are. 

Me: But you can hunt at the bottom of the hill too. And in the holler. You can plant food plots.

Mikeywade: How exactly do you think you are going to get water on top of this hill?

Me: I. Uh. It could happen.

The deer were absolutely everywhere by the way.

But come to think of it, I did not see one deer on top of that hill.

Excuse me while I go relay that message to my honey.

~Amber D. McNabb

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