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Si Se Bondye Ki Voye...If It Is God Who Sends You

For our kid craft project this weekend, the Rileyman and I covered empty toilet paper rolls with peanut butter and then rolled them in birdseed. They hung perfectly on the forsythia bush outside. This kiddo loves any type of craft that involves feeding the birds or building birdhouses. We constantly have birdseed in the floor at our house! (which I must say, is easier to step on than legos) 

I got a little crafting in too. I finished this Journal/Scrapbook for my Art for Haiti. It has a Haitian Proverb written on it, "Si Se Bondye ki voye, Li peya fre ou." meaning "If it is God who sends you, He will pay your expenses."

I think this might be a wonderful gift for someone who is thinking about going, is about to go, or has already been on a mission trip. It is a wonderful way to capture the memories and experiences of the trip. 

I love this quote because I want to, one day, go on a mission to Haiti. I would SO LOVE to meet Madame Matilde and work along side the people of Lifeline Christian Mission.  Perhaps,one day, God will send me. 

The back of the book has a quote, "The most important things in life are not things at all." 

~Amber D. McNabb

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