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A Glowing Good Time!

We have had a GLOWING good time this weekend! If you had seen our previous post  you would know we have discovered fun with glow sticks. And the glow stick fun continued today when we had glow bath time! We found these glow sticks at the local Dollar Tree Store. Super inexpensive, SUPER cool fun! 

The Rileyman thought it was awesome lighting up the bath bubbles. 

And for our next glowy project, we made this:

Thanks to a volcano kit from Grampa-Dude and Gramma Roses. 

This took pretty much all day to construct which was fine because it was so drizzly and wet outside. So it was a "pajama day" for us. And apparently a non-hair combing day........

And a mis-matched sock day but I digress.......

After the plaster was on we had to wait for it to dry.

And then paint it and then wait for THAT to dry.

And FINALLY it was time to erupt our volcano! 


We erupted it so many times it was just spitting out clear-ish bubbles but it was SO fun and super cool.

This is what was going on during all that volcano construction waiting time. The Rileyman discovered my giant sketch pads and went to town drawing pictures on a large scale. 

He also tested to see if he could lure in birds with a bowl of peanut butter and bird seed. 

And he did. 

Hope yall had a great weekend!

~Amber D. McNabb

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