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Is it Business or is it Personal?

"Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being
personal." ~Kathleen Kelly in the movie You've Got

On that note I will begin by sharing with you that this
holiday season isn't quite so bright for the McNabb
family. We suffered a tremendous loss in the beginning
of October. My father in law has left us and gone to
Heaven. Our hearts are heavy and it still doesn't seem
real. The newness of it leaves us continuing to suffer
from the shock of realizing he is gone. I suppose that
will continue until we get used to the "new normal" of
him not being in our daily lives. Until we've
experienced all the firsts of life's events without him.
The first Halloween, the first Thanksgiving, and in a
few short weeks, the first Christmas without Wade

I know time is supposed to heal, but a loss such as this, of someone so wonderful, so giving and so very much loved is sure to leave a scar on the hearts who cherished him so. For now, it hurts so much. Like the ability to breathe fully is gone, like you can't take a deep enough breath to make it feel better. I am so thankful to have been blessed with Wade in my life. A wonderful Father in Law, a perfect Grandfather to my children and a best friend and cherished Father to my husband. We have been truly blessed. If only we had one more day...................

The business side of Color Of Dawn creations is slowing down as the end of the year is upon us. All remaining items have been put on clearance in the Etsy store. Time to regroup and focus on the true meaning of the Christmas season and focus on family.

~Blessings, Amber D. McNabb


  1. Wade will forever be missed, he always made us smile. He still does. Just focus on all the good times and memory's that you shared. He lives on in the hearts of the ones who loved him. It does get easier. I love you my sweet sweet amazing sister

  2. Amber you are so right.. if only we could have one more day! THe world definately isnt the same. I thought my tears would surely be dried out by now but not so. He was such a tremendous person and the most awesome uncle to my girls and me and such a great friend to Todd. We love you guys!