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A Rarely Seen Creature And Spiderman

 Tonight a rarely seen creature resembling a pre-college teenage boy came out from the back of the house, regularly filled with non stop sounds of online Wii gaming, and exclaimed to me that he would like to cook whatever I had planned for supper because he probably needs to learn how to cook........................
.................................Oh excuse me. I just fell out of my chair. Again.

I managed to somewhat capture a photo of what this creature looks like.  

As I gave my basic instructions and let the creature go about working his cullinary talents I glanced into the livingroom and noticed that the Rileyman was extremely busy building a spiderweb with string on the sofa. 

Another glance and my Lola Roo who is normally my shadow was curled up resting in the fetal position. Probably to keep from being tied up with string but lets move on....... 

I decided this would be the perfect time to work on my Shining Hope Soap for Haiti. You can read more about my soaps if you click HERE or click on one of the nifty new page links at the top of my blog.  The soaps shown below are made with scents of Apple Pie, Linen and Sweet Pea, Honeydew Melon and, the looks and smells good enough to eat, Vanilla Latte.

But quite honestly I was too fascinated by the creature that appeared from the back of the house to get much of anything done in the way of craftiness and such.  

And he did a great job. Here he is bubbling with joy over his accomplishment. This hand in front of the face gesture is sign language for "I am so SO happy that you want to take my picture".

Plus there were other distractions like the tangled mess that Spiderman found himself in with his spiderweb and I was summoned from the cullinary show to be of some assistance.

Aaaaah yes. This is much better.
~Amber D. McNabb

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  1. Too funny!! I've seen one of those creatures at my house from time to time also... but, now it's away at school. I miss it!

    I'm pretty impressed that he had 4 pots on the stove at the same time!

    I found you from Etsy teamcac (I'm a member too), and am now following your blog.

    Have a great day,
    Jan at Jewelry4Change