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Animal Flash Cards

"WHAT is going on here?" -you may ask. Well here in the McNabb household, we believe everyone, person or pet, has the right to an education. The Rileyman has been studying flashcards for his kindergarten sight words. My sweet boy, and lover of all animals, decided that our pets also needed flashcards. Even the fish.

And he was immediately up for the challenge of teaching them.

A BIG flash card.........
For the BIGGEST pet in the house, Lola Roo. On a side note, I am at home with this dog all day long. She is my closest companion when everyone is off to school and work. If she looks at me one day and asks for her treats in a Scooby Doo type manner, I am going to have to start stocking up on Depends underpants.
Ah yes and here we have froggie flash cards explaining our original picture.
He is such a good teacher. And if you have been a blog reader for a while, you will remember he is also "The Frog Whisperer"-much like Cesar Milan......only with frogs of course. "Hello, my name is Riley McNabb. I rehabilitate frogs. I train people."
If you are wondering why the ferrets did not get flash cards, they are already smart enough. If we educate them any more, we will never find them, or their hidden treasure stashes again.

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