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I have Storenvy! And I'm all out of soap.

I have always felt that my Art for Haiti needed its very own spot. My friend Carmella of Creative Carmella went against the Etsy fad and turned to Storenvy.com. I checked it out and really liked it  so as of yesterday, Art for Haiti is on Storenvy. Booyah!  

This message popped up on the screen when it was all official and it just cracked me up. Ha! Having one store place dedicated to Art for Haiti makes me feel more organized and I hope it makes your purchases/donations a much easier process. I will still keep the Art for Haiti page here at this website and update it with photos and links to the new store. If you would like to go check out the new store now, just go to:

In other news, I have decided to **phase out Shining Hope Soap. 
**Meaning I am all sold out and have decided not to make more.

Although I had a wonderful time making it and my house smelled wonderful, it was something completely away from my norm of creativity (wait, do I have a norm? I must ponder this further). I may make a batch or two here and there and carve up some gift sets like this one. I really enjoyed the soap carving part of it. Five of these carved gift sets went all the way to Hawaii!

All Art for Haiti and Shining Hope Soap purchases benefit Haiti through Lifeline Christian Mission. Check them out on Facebook

If you scroll to the top of this site, you will notice a new page called  "Josh & Missy in Romania". Go check it out too! Um...please.

~Amber D. McNabb

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