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Lets Build A Fireplace For Santa!

Are you one of the millions of households without a fireplace? Do you have to answer every year how Santa will get in the house if you don't have a fireplace? Well then just do what we did and make one!  Here we have an ordinary cheapo book case turned backward exposing that oh so lovely and attractive cardboard backing. Let's fix that shall we? Go grab up some black acrylic paints and get to work.

 Or put that kid to work, after all, the kid is the one that keeps asking how Santa will get in the house  right?

Now if you have lots of random stuff laying around like me, you will have some left over stone patterned wallpaper. If you don't, just get some construction paper and cut it into brick shapes and glue them on like so.

Next you have to build your fire. We used an old metal basket and filled it with partially burned wood from our outside fire pit and cut up some yellow and orange foam paper. How awesome is THIS?!

Now you must decorate your mantle and of course hang your stockings by the fire. Just not too close. No one likes their stockings on fire.   

And voilà!!! Now you have a fireplace and Santa will have somewhere to enter the house each year with lots of toys for the little ones Christmas joys! 

Stay tuned for our next project. We will have to make some pretend marshmallows and sticks because roasting cheesy poofs by the fire is just plain..........HILARIOUS.

Christmas Breaks are AWESOME.
~Amber D. McNabb
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  1. Your clever fireplace display made me want to put on my Snuggie and sit down and roast a cheeto while listening to Nat King Cole. You truly have shown that the spirit of Christmas comes from the heart. Merry Christmas!

  2. There is always Christmas magic at the McNabb house! How fun! And wonderful of you to share that fabulous idea with everyone. Happy Holidays and hope to see you very soon!

  3. Thank you Aunt Sue and MammaRose. You cracked me up with the snuggie-cheeto-Nat King Cole visual LOL. Can't wait for New Years Eve at the Amalong farm! I love you both and Merry Christmas!

  4. What a cute addition to your holiday decor!
    Make your own fireplace and include the kiddos.
    I love the picture of the little one in front of the fireplace and tree.

  5. I love it! You wouldn't need to worry about chimney repairs, too. Your kid's so cute!