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Our Very First Kindergarten Field Trip

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Today was our very first Kindergarten field trip! Woohoooo! We went to Bottomview Farm in Portland, TN. If you live in this area and have not gone there, I highly recommend it! There was LOTS of stuff to do! Fun fun fun. What you see here are several excited kindergartners taking their very first bus ride on their very first field trip and some.....to their very first pumpkin patch.

I know my Rileyman was VERY excited and proud because he told me so. 

More excited faces saying "take our picture! take our picture!"

And, well, I just couldn't resist taking this picture (Oh my gosh what an amazingly sweet face!! I wanna squish it!) He told me this was his first pumpkin patch trip. Too cute.

After lots of "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" we started hearing "I see it! I see it! We're here! PUMPKINS!!!!"

Glooooooooooorious pumpkins

We wasted no time and got right to it. A short hay ride to the patch and there was a mad scramble to find the perfect pumpkin.

And for Riley, here it was.....

The perfect little pumpkin

Turns out there were LOTS of perfect pumpkins!

Even Mrs. Goodwin found her perfect pumpkin.

After everyone had their perfect pumpkin, we loaded back up on the hayride back to the Bottomview Farm Village for more fun. We began to smell the smells of........farm. From behind me a little voice calls out "oh those horse things smell SO bad!". And they did. Aaaaah the refreshing smell of farm. And "horse things".

There were lots of animals there like little goats.



The town sheriff came to give us the tour.

He put all the kids in jail! They didn't even do anything wrong!

Unlike this little one caught trying to make off with TWO pumpkins. Put HER in jail put HER in jail! (fine print stuff: This sweet little one was actually -probably-more than likely bringing a perfect pumpkin to her friend and is innocent....... unless proven guilty)

Moving along, the town had a Post Office

A Barber shop.........
(whooaaa barber dudes, you miiiiiight have clipped his hair a little short)

There was a saloon.......
Probably serving up ROOTbeer.

And we found a train station!
 This place is AWESOME.


This sweet face looked right at me and said "Oh this is very exciting!" I think I melted right then and there.

And it gets better. I know I know HOW can it get better you ask?


Apparently this ice cream makes your face go silly.

It also makes you say things like, "I wisht I had a ice cream pillow! and "I wisht I had Ice cream jammies!"-I have GOT to get me some of this ice cream.

Then there was a corn crib. This is the country kid equivalent of a ball pit at Chuck E Cheese's. But, if I might say, MORE fun. And quite therapeutic.

Some of us stayed back and played a loooong time in the corn crib opting not to go through the maze because it had a haunted house at the end and haunted houses are spooky and "spooky means scary".

I learned-ed that today. The kinnygarteners have a welpff of knowledge.

Back on the bus, we went REALLY fast from this:

To this:

And this:

And this:

We sure did have a SUPER fun day! Thank you Mrs. Goodwin's Kindergarten class!

~Ms. Amber and Riley

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