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Kids and Peanut Butter Cookies-A Helpful Tutorial

Making peanut butter cookies is so easy and fun. I would do that whole "make it from scratch" thing but Betty Crocker has box tops. And that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Now if you have more than one child (like saaaay the cousins are over for a visit), divide the dough evenly into separate bowls. This creates happiness in equality for all. (This isn't my first go-round with multiple children) (seriously, divide the dough)

Now gently roll the dough into little balls and then place onto greased cookie sheet. Then smoooosh the dough making a crisscross pattern with a fork like so..........

GASP! I said GENTLY! GENTLY roll the dough and smooosh with a FORK! Ok time out. Clean messy child and resume dough shaping.

You can experiment by making tiny cookies like this:

Medium sized cookies like this:

Or great BIG cookies like this!:

Great big cookies require extra smoooshing so smooosh away.

Put in the oven at the temperature and time directed on the package or just peak in the oven about a hundred and fifty times with the kids exclaiming "whooooaaa! loook how they are growing!" till they are slightly brown on top and VIOLA! Delicious peanut butter cookies for all!

Note of caution: Beware of big brother/cousin cookie monsters. They come out from hiding when the smell of baking cookies waft through the house.

Get hiiiiiim!
Stop! Thief!


  1. What a cute post! Loks like fun was had by all.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog (and shop!). I am so pleased that you liked what you saw!

  2. Thank you Handmade! It was definitely fun.