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Thank You Magic Doors!

So the toddler loves to go a'Kroger-ing with me since they have little people shopping carts. Makes him feel all growed up to be Mommy's big helper with his very own shopping cart. He exclaims to me "wook Mommy I'm fixin to be a big boy!" (this is country talk and yes even toddlers know it) and "wook at my muscles!" with such pride in wittle....er little eyes. So we finished at the check out, he's right behind me with his cart full of groceries and as we went through the first set of automatic doors a man was entering the store and my big-little guy shouts to him "Hey! How's it going?!" Probably meaning-look at what a big boy I am! I hear the man chuckle as he disappears into the store. Then as we went out the second doors there was no one for him to talk to so from behind me again I hear "Why, THANK YOU magic doors!"


  1. hahaha! How cute!!
    Having a cart means you can conquer the world :)

  2. I am so going to co-opt that comment...!!!

  3. That is so CUTE! I love kids, love them! =D