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More toddler humor.........

WHY is it that my toddler chooses only certain lines from his kid movies to repeat? Here are a few:
From Ice Age-The Melt Down:

"Do we have to bring this crap? I'm sure there's crap where we are going!" (dung beetles)
"Borro is a demeaning name, technichally it's called a WILD ASS" (lovely coming from a tiny mouth)

From Surf's UP:

"He's a dirty trash can full of poop"
"I know he's around here somewhere, I can feel it in my nuggets" (chicken Joe)

And while I am at it I will share his favorite made-up poem:

"I love Mommy with all mine heart, even when she has to fart"
Hey he can rhyme. I's so proud.
Good stuff. Good stuff.


  1. Love the rhyme...don't think I will share it with my little one, or I may hear it all the time. lol My son plays with his cars and says "Don't drive like my brother", a line from cars, and we listen to Car Talk on NPR on the weekends. I love to hear what comes out of his mouth!

  2. those are some funny words! you know, ass, poop, fart! haha

  3. I can totally relate....I have a three year old daughter who loves anything remotely related to poop, butts, and gas....most kids get this way during the potty training years....I believe Freud referred to it as the Anal stage!(he he, I said anal)

  4. hilarious.

    my 3 year old decided to say - over and over -

    "look. you drive. i pay. it's that simple."

    (thanks to: http://wendiwinn.blogspot.com/2008/09/bourne.html)