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It's a Full Moon and I'm Feelin Freaky

I've been feelin a bit odd and out of sorts for several days now and I just couldn't figure why until I looked into the sky and saw a full moon, big and bright as can be. I am one of those people who get a bit freaky on a full moon. I'm not talking sprouting fur with humans for dinner and howling and such. I just feel as though my world is off and I can't quite get comfortable no matter what I do. Though as pretty as can be, I can't wait til this moon flickers out a bit. You add a full moon to my already pre-nervous breakdown state and it's not a pretty thing. I recently cursed to a customer at the "real job" who came in and cursed to me. He exclaimed "I talked with your customer service and they are giving me shit" to which I replied "well ok then what kind of SHIT are they giving you?" Bad business practice? Maybe not. I like to make my customers feel comfortable by speaking their language. Hey I speak da espanol too. And we wont even talk about the customer that stunk to high heaven so much that I-no joke- almost fainted. So I sprayed him with Lysol while telling him he was gonna have to leave. Hmmmph. I can blame it all on the moon right? And just yesterday I was reading a magazine article that said "Stress Makes You Stupid". Holy crap if that's correct then I am well on my way to being certifiably retarded."

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